Up The Wall offers custom painted wall murals for commercial establishments and  private residential homes. Trained Fine Arts Artist Michelle Mimi Wenger, has been creating murals and commissioned artwork, for clients in Canada and Europe for over eighteen years. She trained at Rittins Studios, The University of London, and has a degree from the Florence Design Academy, Italy.

 Michelle specializes in wall murals, paint finishes and creating custom artwork. 

She has appeared on the cover of Interiors magazine and is well known for her work on projects with many of Toronto's top Interior Designers. Her custom murals and artwork enhance the look of any space and provide the perfect backdrop to showcase your home or your business.

  Michelle creates custom paintings for particular rooms, to incorporate the colours from your space and design.  She also paints amazing kid's murals based on themes children love. Up The Wall offers complete digital renderings of all designs before a brush ever touches the wall.


Michelle Wenger is Mimi


Working as a fine arts artist since 2000. Michelle  Mimi Wenger creates stunning artwork sought after by private collectors and top interior designers.  Selling under the name MIMI these exceptional works are gaining attention and finding their way to exclusive collections. 

Select pieces of the MIMI Wildlife series are currently for sale at Peaks and Rafters in Port Carling, Muskoka. Abstract works are produced on a commissioned basis for Toronto's top Interior Designers, and private collectors. Please get in touch should you have any requests or to learn more about available works.

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